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Hi I'm Romaana!

I am a self taught, full time home baker and a mum of three. I have always loved baking it's a family tradition. My mum always baked cakes for friends and family members birthdays, mostly as a surprise. The delight on peoples faces were priceless and heart warming!

I love doing children's cakes above all as they are always guaranteed to be fun and quirky!


London Piece of Cake started out after a request from my childhood friend, for me to do her baby shower cake. When asked by many of her guests if I done it as a business, It was basically a eureka moment for me.

My biggest passion is creativity, I design bespoke cakes from scratch with my customers and then bring the design to life. I especially love making cake toppers from fondant, they just require so much attention to detail.


Baking and decorating cakes keeps my creative bug at bay!

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