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Hey there, lovely visitors! I'm Romaana, the mastermind behind this sweet little venture. As a passionate home baker, I started London Piece of Cake from scratch, mixing my love for all things baking and creativity into one delectable adventure.


Now, let me share a secret with you: I've tried my hand at sculpting cakes freehand, and let's just say my creations have caused lots of pleasantly surprised delight! You can catch those sculpted masterpieces on my Instagram portfolio, where I let my wild imagination run riot!


However, life has a funny way of revealing your true calling. Recently, I discovered my heart belongs to something extra special: Wedding cakes and cupcakes! So, I've gone all out with a complete website revamp, pouring my soul into every pixel. Oh, and did I mention the logo? Yep, I designed that too! I'm like a one-woman show, folks – baker, designer, and dreamer.


Speaking of weddings, there's something magical about creating bespoke wedding cakes and whimsical cupcakes that bring joy to your special day. I believe every couple deserves a cake that reflects their love story, and that's where I come in. From classic elegance to wild and whimsical, I'll work closely with you to craft a cake that leaves you and your guests utterly mesmerised.


But wait, there's more! Scroll down…

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My Story

Cupcakes are my little bundles of happiness. I have a whole array of all-occasion cupcakes, and oh boy, floral cupcakes are my personal favourites. They're like mini bouquets you can eat! Imagine surprising your loved ones with a box of these delightful floral cupcakes or presenting them in a beautiful bouquet – it's a surefire way to win some hearts.


So, whether you're tying the knot, celebrating an anniversary, or just craving a deliciously artistic cake or cupcake, London Piece of Cake is here to turn your sweet dreams into scrumptious reality. Let's create some sugary magic together! Hop on board, and let's embark on a cake-filled adventure, sprinkled with just the right amount of laughter and sweetness to keep you intrigued.


I can't wait to bake and design for you, my lovely potential customers!


Oh, did I forget to mention my latest superpower? Yes, I've recently delved into the mesmerising world of digital art, and let me tell you, it's like adding an extra layer of magic to my cakes! 


Through countless hours of self-teaching and some slightly embarrassing trial and error, I've now mastered the art of creating digital cake designs. It's like a virtual wonderland where I can bring your cake dreams to life even before the batter hits the oven! This means you get to visualise your cake design in advance, making sure every detail is as perfect as can be.


Picture this: You share your ideas with me, and I work my digital wizardry to whip up a jaw-dropping visual of your dream cake. Don't worry; it's not set in sugar just yet! You get to add any required or desired changes to make it truly and uniquely yours. It's like we're sculpting your vision together, just like those cakes I used to sculpt by hand. Only now, it's a digital masterpiece!


So, whether you're more into classic elegance or fanciful fantasies, with the power of digital art, we'll bring your dream cake to life, ensuring it's nothing short of perfection. The best part? You'll have a sneak peek of the sweet delight that awaits you on your special day.


Come on over to London Piece of Cake, where dreams and digital wonders collide. Let's transform your imagination into an edible reality!

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