Wedding cake two days prior to event date!

My customer got in touch with me two days prior to her friends wedding day. She had called someone just before me, but due to unfortunate circumstances they were no longer able to complete her order. I usually ask for at least two weeks notice for Wedding cakes, but I just couldn't say no. There was no way I was going to leave a bride without a wedding cake. Her amazing friend who enquired with me hadn't even told her friend (the bride) yet of this extremely stressful time of uncertainty.

She later explained that when she received the news that they were unable to do the cake for her, she felt as though the world had collapsed under her feet as she had promised her friend a cake for her wedding. She went on to explain wherever she wrote, called they all said they couldn't help as it was too late. The following words brought tears to my eyes and warmed my heart. She message saying "you didn't just save me, you saved my friends wedding".

She sent me some designs that she had in mind and informed me of the wedding colour scheme. She booked and paid for a two tier cake. I custom designed the cake and went back and forth with my customer until she was 100% satisfied with the final design. She mentioned that she wanted a three tier and was sending me wedding cake designs that were three tiers in height. I created the semi-naked two tier cake with flowers that matched the brides bouquet. As an added touch, I added an extra tier as I knew how much she wanted a three tier cake, but for her own personal reasons had not booked that size.

As it was such short notice, I was unable to send a sneak peak of the cake as I usually do as all the decorations were made and attached to the cake the day I have baked and decorated it. The cake was a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and the cake was covered in white chocolate ganache.

She asked a few times if it was complete for a picture to be sent. I could tell she was anxious, I mean who wouldn't be?! So I assured her that I would not be going to sleep until the cake was perfect. I continued to tell her to try not to worry and make sure she gets a good nights sleep ready for the wedding and how amazing it was going to be and said I would notify her as soon as it was done. I worked all through the early hours of the morning to ensure the cake was ready in time to be dropped the following morning and to ensure the cake was made to the highest of standards.

I sent a picture that morning to my customer and she was amazed by what I had produced and extremely touched that I had added the third tier free of charge, knowing full well she wanted it that way. She said she had not even dreamt of a cake like this, that it was the most beautiful cake she had ever seen and had cried with emotion and most likely relief. I was so happy to receive this amazing feedback and dropped it right away.

I have to say I absolutely dread delivering cakes. It is the most nerve wrecking experience. Just praying the whole time that it

doesn't break or damage on the journey. I literally drove like a sloth, to ensure it was delivered safely. I also always travel with what I call "My Cake Emergency Kit" which consists of edible glue and food safe brush, spare fondant decorations as flowers are so delicate and could possibly break in transit. For wedding cakes I usually take the tiers separately and assemble at the venue, however due to covid-19 restrictions I was unable to enter the premises, therefore had to travel with the cake stacked and completed.

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