I brought Stitch to life with cake!

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

My customer came to me with three things her partner loved, which consisted of Tottenham Hotspurs, Stitch and Captain Morgan. She asked that the buttercream have salted caramel as this was his favourite ice-cream flavour. She wanted them incorporated into the cake design, but wasn't sure how and gave me full reign to create her partners bespoke cake.

I decided to make a life size Stitch cake. The head and body were made of cake. Feet, hands and ears from fondant. I decided to make it seem as though Stitch was wearing a Tottenham Hotspurs football shirt. I wanted to add a little gift from me to the birthday man, so purchased a miniature Captain Morgan's bottle and had Stitch hold it. I covered the cake board with crumbled biscuit to provide a beach like setting as we all know the film was based in Hawaii.

I sent a sneak peak two days before the event date of stitches head without the ears, as they were setting and a image I had designed to show what the completed look would be. She was ecstatic and complimented that it was beyond her expectation as she had assumed it would be a simple 6" cake with a small Stitch cake topper holding a tiny bottle of Morgan's Spice.

Once the cake was completed, I asked if the customer would like me to see the finished cake or if she would like to wait to see it in person, but she couldn't wait to see it on collection that evening, so asked that I send it to her. She was over joyed and it was such a lovely feeling knowing I have made someone so happy with my design and work.

Better yet, they took two days to even cut the cake because they couldn't bring themselves to cutting into Stitch lol! However, after they had done she gave me the most satisfying feedback, she and her partner LOVED the taste and fluffiness of their cake. I always say it's lovely to have an amazing looking cake, but defeats the purpose of buying a cake if you don't like the taste of it!

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