Updated: Sep 15, 2021

I thought I would add a quick post of comparisons from the design stage to how the actual cake looks at the end. A few details were changed at the customers request 😁


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This charity is close to my heart. I have been donating on a monthly basis for a couple years now. The work this charity do for these people in need is just outstanding and restores faith in humanity. This is my chosen charity this month. Especially during Ramadan they provide food parcels to these lovely humble people who are always so grateful. It really does make you appreciate all that we have and want to share that with the less fortunate. I have three young girls all under the age of five and I want them too grow up knowing that sharing is ultimately caring. I will be uploading pictures once I hopefully reach my GoFundMe goal of the money being provided to this charity and will update with some pictures of what was able to be provided to these lovely people with all the donations from my Charity Cupcakes.

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My customer got in contact with me asking if I could bake a bespoke cake for his wife's birthday. I had originally said no as I already had back to back cake orders that week and an order for the same day he required the cake. However, I am never able to say no even if it means I continue into the night to have the cake completed to the highest spec and tastiest treat. I just can't leave someone with no cake for their special day. He had previously been let down by someone who was originally going to make the cake, so potentially had no cake for his wife's birthday.

I asked if he had a specific design in mind, to which he replied he wanted a spring time theme with bees possibly and informed me that he was open to suggestions as he was aware it was so last minute. However, I had agreed to take on his order therefore it was going to be everything he wanted it to be. I asked if he would like her name on the cake and he asked that it be written as mum as the cake was going to be from their children.

I created a design and sent my ideas to the customer. He absolutely love the design. So I started on the cake decorations right away. Once they were complete I sent to the customer a sneak peak of the hand made flowers I had created and the cutest little queen bee. He was so excited and couldn't wait to see the cake in it's final stage. He complimented my artistic nature which was so lovely to hear and for it to be appreciated.

I love sending my customers a sneak peak to almost confirm I am capable of doing as I have designed. It allows the customer to feel at ease and equally gives my customers the added opportunity to make changes or add on decorations at that point.

The customer came to collect the cake the following morning. He was so pleased with the cake and was astounded by it's appearance as it was the first time he had seen his wife's bespoke cake. He messaged me shortly after he had collected the cake to inform me that when he was putting the cake in his car someone stopped him in my car park asking about the cake and took my details! I was over joyed to hear this.

He later sent me a follow up message saying "two words, blown away! Well done and thank you very much. It is so tasty too!" I was over joyed to receive this message. He explained that his wife bakes cakes and it was about time he treated her to a nice cake on her birthday. I was so glad I was given the opportunity to bake her this special cake.

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