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Don't Compromise

A range of beautiful gluten free, dairy free and eggless recipes. When it comes to healthy allergy free treats, don't compromise.


Endless Design Options

Perfect for all occasions and not limited to basic cake designs. I can do any design you desire, just as I would with any other cake.

Available Flavours

Currently only available in chocolate and vanilla flavour sponge, but don't worry I am working on more wonderful allergy friendly cake recipes.

Booking Notice

Please provide at least one weeks notice for an allergy friendly party cake, and at least two weeks for an allergy friendly wedding cake.

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Gluten Free Cakes

What is Gluten Free cake?

Gluten is a protein and is found in all standard flours used for cake making. It gives cakes their structure and moist texture. Usually without gluten, cakes are drier, crumbly and have a shorter shelf life but I have perfected the recipe so you always have a fluffy & yummy cake.

Gluten Free

Vegan Cakes

What is a Vegan cake?


A person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products. Therefore, a vegan diet not only excludes animal flesh, but also dairy & eggs.


Gluten Free & Vegan Cakes

This option is not only perfect for those who choose not to have these ingredients in their bespoke cakes, but also for those who are holding big events. This prevents you having to ask guests their individual dietary requirements. Safe, Happy and Healthy.

Baking Ingredients
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